Wednesday, August 31, 2016

reflection about P.E 2016

my teacher was ruby and our objective was to throw  beanbags into 3 hoops first hoop was red for 6 points second hoop was green it went for 9 and the third hoop was yellow and went for 13

You had to sit down on a chair looking opposite to the hoops and then you would have to through one bean bag at a time backwards and try and land it in the hoops and we had t pick a country me and my buddy Lorena picked china

Friday, July 8, 2016

project based learning

report reflection mid year ???

Report Reflection for Mid Year

How have the learning muscles helped you with your learning in Maths and Literacy and in one other learning area for example Matariki, P.E, Art.

I have been using my persevering muscle to keep going and learn different things along the way in maths.  I have been learning about volume area and  perimeter I think volume helped me the most because i learned more of my maths/times tables when i was doing it .E  
In P.E I am learning to collaborate with other  people  and asking them for help if i don't understand what's going on.


Facts about tigers

What is a tiger
A tiger is a big cat.  There are 9 subspecies of tigers and they are the siberian tiger bengal tiger sumatran tiger caspian tiger javan tiger malayan tiger south china tiger indochinese tiger and the bali tiger. I will be explaining some of the different subspecies of tigers .

Siberian tiger
Siberian / amur  tigers have paler orange fur than the other tiger species and brown instead of black stripes. They have white chests and bellies and a white ruff of fur around their necks. Siberian tigers live in eastern Russia's birch forests parts of northeastern china and north korea.

Caspian tiger
The Caspian Tiger would grow a thick coat of hair which was a red and  brown  color caspian tigers  hunted between sundown and day break in typical tiger fashion they would first stalk their prey and then go in for the kill by chasing and jumping at their enemy until they were able to get a bite into the neck of  the prey

Javan tiger
Javan tigers were slightly smaller than their mainland cousins but they have very long  whiskers. The main reason  of this animal's death is deforestation  Bali tiger
The bali tiger were  extinct in the 1930s and they  were one of the first subspecies of tigers to vanish  from the earth

Sumatran tiger
You will find the sumatran tiger in sumatra and they are smaller than some of the other tigers . The stripes on the sumatran tiger are closer than others

In conclusion,  i now know that there are different subspecies of tigers.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My lost story

One magical  sunny day me and my mum went to the ware house to go buy some shampoo That is super boring!.

So i ran to the fun and magical toy aisle i looked at the glowing lightsaber and clicked the button and it made so many annoying noises.

Then everyone started looking at me so i ran off and then i hit the ball cage and a bunch of balls went flying.

I looked around for my mother i could not see here and where so i ran to the deviling counter man to ask to call for my mum.

She came up to the counter to collect me and then we left to go home.